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Friday, August 15, 2003

Blackout Blame Game

Here we go, it's time for tons of articles on who is to blame for the blackout.

Alan Murray blames Washington over at CNBC's site: "Too bad the lights didn’t go out in Washington. That would have been justice."

On TheStreet.com, Christopher Edmonds also sees a culpable government:

"There will be plenty of finger-pointing regarding the cause of Thursday's blackouts, but politicians and energy regulators could start by looking in the mirror. All the time that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, state public utility commissions and legislative bodies were in a rush to deregulate generation and allow the market to set power prices, most failed to grasp a very important piece of the puzzle -- the impact deregulation would have on the transmission grid."

This CBS Marketwatch piece takes a more cautious approach, suggesting it may be days or weeks before we know what caused the problems. But can we really wait that long to blame somebody?