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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Trading Deadline

Well, the Red Sox are really going for it all. They now have too many pitchers (memo to Ramiro Mendoza: you might want to pack up your things now to save time), but I'm pleased all the same that the front office has the guts to try everything they can. Suppan should help solidify the rotation.

There are no links to articles up just yet, but it looks like the Red Sox get Jeff Suppan from the Pirates for Freddy Sanchez and another minor leaguer. In a bizarre twist, they also get back Brandon Lyon and the minor leaguer they had traded to Pittsburgh just last week. There may be cash or another player to be named involved in this too. ESPN has it covered.

Boston has done far better than the Yankees with the trading this month. New York picked up Aaron Boone today from Cincinatti, which means Robin Ventura, whose had an off year, is no longer the starter. They get some pop from Boone, but people were saying they were looking for a right fielder after getting rid of Mondesi the other day, and that didn't happen. Even though I think they'll be fine with Karim Garcia and Ruben Sierra, it's nice to think they might not be getting everything they want this year. The Red Sox have been outmaneuvering them, it seems. The Yankees got another reliever from the Reds too.