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Saturday, July 19, 2003

In today's Globe

It's Saturday, so I actually had a chance to sit down and read the Globe thoroughly. Here's my summary.

Worst Item: I know it's important to mention that Mayor Tom Menino will have surgery to remove a growth from his back, but the extent of the coverage is a bit much. Do we really need a diagram of where the growth is? (Such a diagram is in the print edition; I don't see it online)

Best Item: The piece about Finneran opponents losing out on funding for courts in their districts is the most interesting read in the paper, in my humble opinion. I actually like the Speaker, unlike many other Massachusetts liberals, who basically think he is the devil incarnate. This time, however, I think the Globe has caught him doing something unambiguously tyrannical. Why restore funding to six districts but not two others, where the reps happen to have strongly opposed your controversial legislative pay plan? Why adjourn before midnight when time remained to pass the overrides for those courts? I don't exactly trust the Globe to give Finneran's side of the story, though a member of the House leadership was interviewed for the article and he doesn't give any real explanation other than it was late. A. Stephen Tobin was presiding at the time of adjournment:

"'It was a long day, and we had done a ton of overrides. When the dean of the House got up and asked to adjourn, it just seemed like an appropriate time,' Tobin said. Funding for the Natick and Ipswich courts 'was not a question we were thinking about,' he said."

Mitt Romney must be torn over how to react. On one hand he loves bashing the legislature for behavior like this, while on the other, he should be happy at least these two budget vetoes of his were sustained.

Sports: Bob Ryan checks in with a mediocre column on Kobe Bryant. For some reason he tries to predict how things might play out, which is pointless at this stage.

WWZN "The Zone" sports talk radio is cutting staff in a sign that the days of two sports talk stations in Boston may be numbered. Even as sports-crazy as Boston is, the media coverage on TV, radio and print has outgrown demand, I feel. In theory having multiple outlets is good, but I think the cutthroat competition among the talking heads has actually led to a deterioration of the discussion in the last few years, and it is inevitable that someone will have to fold eventually. WWZN, with a bare bones staff, is now easy to sell, explains the Globe piece.

And it looks like the Celtics will re-sign free agent Walter McCarty soon ("within 24 hours" the article suggests), a move that should please fans, who would've been seriously pissed if fan favorite "Waltah "had ended up elsewhere. McCarty is much better on the Celtics than he would be on other teams. He and the C's are a good match for one another, and it looks like the parties are recognizing that and settling on a contract.