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Monday, July 21, 2003

Eric Neel on Bryant

Eric Neel has an overwritten column on Kobe on Page 2:

"We believed in the Kobe idea, and now we wonder whether it will resurface, and who it will be named for.

"We worry that this might be the last of it, actually, worry that the Kobe idea was so strong, so seemingly impervious, and yet it foundered ...

"But we put that thought out of our heads.

"You ask us if maybe this is a chance to let go, to find the virtues, to cultivate the idea, somewhere other than in the body and spirit of a baller.

"We can't hear you. We're meditating on the game, pondering the idea. And, on a channel so deep within us it is barely noticeable at first, sure enough, a name starts to vibrate in our ears.

"LeBron. The LeBron idea. Yes. Surely this one will last forever."

Well, I saw LeBron play last night, and he was nothing special. Can we please not treat this as an apocalyptic event?