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Monday, June 30, 2003

Miami-ACC story

Here is the espn.com coverage of Miami bolting the Big East. Apparently the Big East's future as part of the BCS in college football is uncertain. Dick Vitale has an article saying basketball will be fine.

There is some sense to having the Virginia-Virginia Tech and Miami-Florida State rivalries within the same conference. What I and many others dislike about this story is the appearance that money is leading conferences to try to steal one another's members without regard for any of the other athletic programs involved. Ivan Maisel writes on ESPN that money did not, in the end, drive Donna Shalala's decision for Miami. I don't know how true that is, though I certainly dislike the precedent this sets for college sports and the position Big East football now finds itself in.

Where has the NCAA been through all of this? Miles Brand and his people need to step in and set some guidelines for conference membership switches in the future, even if only to keep prominent leagues from developing grudges against one another and generating so much bad press.